In order to satisfy the requirements of impartiality, independence and objectivity, a certifying body must ensure that the services it provides are free from any conflict of interest and that all information related to its services are kept in complete confidentiality.

Conscious and committed to the application of these principles, ICM takes note of these requirements and ensures through these signed declarations that these requirements are met.

None of the persons engaged in the activities of ICM shall accept from any source whatsoever any pressures related to assistance, preferential treatment, obstruction or delay in transactions between ICM and its customers. Attempts of such pressures should be brought to the attention of ICM Management.

Following such information, management must ensure that appropriate actions are implemented, for example by replacing the staff assigned to the mission.

ICM therefore asks all these collaborators, through this declaration, to treat as strictly confidential any documentation and information provided by ICM or any ICM customer. Except as required by law or to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of accreditation bodies.

ICM also asks these employees to understand the potential conflicts of interest to which they may be subjected and the pressures and to undertake to inform ICM management if they are ever confronted with such a situation.

ICM also asks these collaborators to engage with it in a process of continuous improvement and to allow them to be able spontaneously and at any time to find new opportunities for improvement in order to build together the road to excellence.


The ICM manager