Projects in Africa and the Middle East

Country Project Beneficiary Year
Islamic Republic of Mauritania Enhance capacity building of standardization institut (DNPQ) Ministry of Industry and Mines – Islamic Republic of Mauritania 2014
Senegal Certification of the first fish-exporting plant Sénémar 2015
Islamic Republic of Mauritania Certification de la première usine exportatrice de poissons Frais AfriFish 2016
Union of Comoros Institutional support and capacity building for quality infrastructure in the Union of Comoros Service of Standardization and Quality – Union of Comoros 2015
Golf Country – Executive training, auditors and experts on several training topics: ISO 9001-ISO 17025-Good Laboratory Practice-Calculation of uncertainty …

– Training of executives on ISO 17011

– Conduct of intercomparison test in the field of textiles and inspection

– Ministry of Industry

– Gulf Standard Organization