What is OHSAS 18001 certification?

The OHSAS 18001 is an internationally known method (inspired by the International Labor Organization) that allows you to set up a system of management of health and safety at work;

The implementation of the OHSAS 18001 standard allows for continuous improvement of your company’s health and safety management processes and systems.

Indeed, OHSAS 18001 covers the following main elements:

  • Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and management;
  • OHSAS Management Program;
  • Structure and responsibility;
  • Training, presentation and competence;
  • Consultation and communication;
  • Operational management ;
  • Emergency Preparedness and Solutions;
  • Measure, monitor and improve performance.

Show your concern for workplace health and safety

Benefits of OHSAS 18001 certification

The ICM OHSAS 18001 certification allows:

  • Take into consideration the safety of your staff and motivate it,
  • To comply with legal health and safety requirements,
  • To reduce the number of accidents and occupational diseases
  • Reduce insurance costs, and the costs of accidents
  • Improve your brand image with your customers, and the authorities

Show your concern for workplace health and safety

The ICM certification process is as follows :

  • Establishment of a contract taking into account your specificities,
  • Pre-audit (optional): analysis of deviations and diagnosis of your current situation against the requirements of the reference system,
  • Certification audit in 2 steps:
    • Step 1: Document review to assess the degree of maturity of the system,
    • Stage 2: audit.
  • Certification Committee (Certificate Edition),
  • Surveillance audits to verify the continuous improvement of the system,
  • After a period of 3 years, new certification contract.
  • At each audit step, a complete report is issued promptly. With this documentation, your organization can continue to improve the performance of its quality system.

If you wish to have more details please consult the procedure and general rules of certification (If you wish to consult our procedures and general rules of certification, please contact us)

Show your concern for workplace health and safety